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Who is Insight PDS?

Insight Plant Data Systems (Insight PDS) is a software design company that specializes in Business Intelligence solutions for the Metal Recycling Industry. Our software products are designed using the latest technology to bring the right information to you. We realize what it is like to be a software user; therefore, we pride ourselves in providing simple, straightforward user interfaces that are easy to understand and interpret.

Today we are a group of Automation and Computer Programming Professionals who provide custom SQL based reporting solutions to help companies meet the goals of today's market. Our customers range from the privately owned plants to the large corporations.

Downtime and Production Tracking

When it comes to any manufacturing process, you are either producing or not. Insight PDS helps to automatically detect interruptions in shredder production and alerts the operator via the Shredder Operator Interface.

From the touch screen interface, the operator can quickly punch in the reason for downtime, replacing the need for handwritten operator logs. The software tracks production rates, totals and usage, such as Tons per Hour, Ferrous Tons Produced, and Kilowatt-Hours consumed. These metrics are gathered automatically by IPAS throughout the operation.

Process Variables Trending

Process variables are the constantly changing physical conditions which are associated with the equipment used within a shredder process. Our system records these variables for historical trending.

Understanding the variation in these conditions and the effect of that variation on your production process and equipment is vital to improving performance and reducing downtime due to preventable equipment failure.



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